Gift basket with products, sweets, fruits and New Year's decor "Gastronom"

Gift basket with products, sweets, fruits and New Year's decor "Gastronom"

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  • Гарантия качества (заменим букет в течение 24ч если он не понравился получателю)
  • Анонимность и конфиденциальность (получатель узнает только ту информацию, что Вы написали в открытке)
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  • Удобные варианты оплаты (в том числе и для юр.лиц)
  • Доставка в день заказа. Даже если Вы не знаете адреса получателя. Вежливым и улыбчивым курьером
  • Фото букета до доставки и получателя с букетом (по запросу)
  • Бесплатная открытка к заказу (и большой ассортимент авторских открыток в продаже)

Before delivery, the gift basket is additionally packed in a transparent film and decorated with a bow.

* The appearance of the basket may differ from the photo, provided that this does not affect the overall appearance of the composition

A basket with a grocery set for the New Year's table will be a wonderful gift for relatives and colleagues.

In our online store you can order inexpensive gift grocery and fruit baskets with delivery in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vorkuta and other cities of Russia. Or come to our store and buy a gift basket with fruits and sweets, cheese, sausage and alcohol by yourself, after placing your order on the website or by phone (the call is FREE in Russia).

Do you need an elite gift basket for business partners or a boss? We have something to offer. Order gastronomic gift baskets with caviar, smoked sausages, various types of cheese, crackers and olives.

If the child has a holiday, then you can buy a gift basket with fruits and a soft toy. Or order a gift basket with fruits and chocolate.

And for the little ones, we can offer sweet gift baskets filled exclusively with chocolate and sweets.

Choosing a gift for a woman (for example, for mom, grandmother, sister, colleague) you can order a gift basket with fruits, sweets, chocolate, tea or honey, decorated with flowers, coordinating its composition with the manager. After all, fruit and sweet gift baskets are always a pleasant and large, eye-catching present!

If you want to congratulate your girlfriend and plan to join the "girl's get-togethers", then by buying a gift basket with fruits, cheese, chocolate and sweets, you can order a courier to check in for red or white wine, champagne or martini.

If the gift is intended for the strong half, then we offer to buy gift baskets for men, filled with sausages, cheese and various products that are necessary for “male conversations”. We can supplement the composition of such a basket with strong or weak alcohol, purchasing it additionally at your request. You can order a men's basket with alcohol and sausage by calling the toll-free number.

For beer lovers, we have baskets filled with snacks or seafood. You can buy such a gift basket and order a courier check in for alcohol before delivery, after discussing this with our managers on a toll-free number.

You can also please loved ones by ordering a gift basket with elite tea or coffee, sweets and sweets, honey or jam and arranging delivery in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vorkuta and other Russian cities.

Choosing a gift basket in the Butterfly online store, you can always collect your own version of a gift basket, for this you just need to call or tell your wishes to the manager in the chat site.

Do you still doubt where exactly to buy a gift basket with alcohol, fruit, tea or a sweet gift basket? Here are a few more reasons to order a gift basket online in our online store:

  • Range. Our online store offers a wide range of gift baskets. Our catalog presents grocery gift baskets with strong alcohol and various snacks, with beer and snacks, with wine, cheese and fruit, with chocolate and liquor, with red caviar and fish, with tea, coffee, honey and jam.
  • Quality. We deliver only tasty, high-quality products, guaranteeing their freshness.
  • Cost. Thanks to established contacts with suppliers, we offer low prices for gift baskets.
  • Operational work. Large staff allows you to quickly process any volume of applications. Be sure that your gift basket will be completed and delivered on time.
  • Advanced service. Also in our catalog you can buy balloons, handmade cards or sweets. They will be a great addition to the gift!

Often the order for gift baskets is made by enterprises, choosing them as a gift to employees for the New Year, February 23, March 8 or corporate holidays. In this case, you can make a large order and arrange delivery of gift baskets to your office. In addition, we have a support service specially for corporate clients, where our managers will tell you more about corporate contract bonuses and payment options for a current account.

P.S. We remind you that, if you wish, you can order a courier to go to the hypermarket to purchase an additional gift (for example, perfume, alcohol, etc.).

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