Bouquet of colorful peonies "Captivating"

Bouquet of colorful peonies "Captivating"

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Peonies. Favorites of the summer.

These fragrant handsome men have firmly taken leadership positions not only among brides, but also among men who want to win the heart of their beloved. Not a single June day is complete without a bouquet of peonies.

In our online store you can definitely choose a bouquet of peonies to your taste! White, pink, red, cream, scarlet, coral, burgundy peonies - such a gamut allows our florists to collect any designer bouquet for your order.

The tenderness of peonies, multi-petal buds and a sweetish aroma create the image of something gentle, airy, fabulous. These flowers are universal. A bouquet of peonies can be presented as a gift to a child, and a loved one, and to mom or sister, and to a colleague and man. A variety of varieties and colors, modern materials for decoration of bouquets allow you to create a bouquet of peonies exactly as you see it.

If you need to congratulate your beloved, order a bouquet with white or pink peonies, symbolizing bright, tender feelings. With the help of stylish modern packaging, our florists will turn a bouquet of peonies into a wonderful fragrant gift.

Stylish and beautiful look bouquets of peonies in a hat box. A huge plus of such compositions from peonies is that they are convenient in transportation and the recipient does not have to look for a vase for flowers. It is enough to water a floral sponge in a box with peonies once a day and these beauties will delight their aroma for a very long time.

If the occasion is solemn or you want to impress the recipient, then you can order a basket with peonies. The most popular option for this design is a basket with peonies and eucalyptus. But, we can offer other options for the basket with peonies, choosing exactly what you want!

To congratulate a man with a bouquet of peonies, you can choose such varieties as Red Charm, Kansas, Red Sarah Bernhardt. The rich color of these peonies is perfect for men's peony mono-bouquets. Strict stylish packaging from our florists will only emphasize that this bouquet of peonies is a gift for a strong half.

A bouquet of pink peonies is the most popular. It is given to beloved girls, mothers, relatives, colleagues, girlfriends, children for any reason and without reason! The most common varieties of these fragrant flowers are Sarah Bernhardt, Alexander Fleming, Karl Rosenfeld, Angel Wings, Bowl of Beauty and many others. It is often customary to buy a bouquet of pink peonies without decoration, but, in our opinion, this is a matter of taste. After all, if you arrange pink peonies beautifully and modernly, then a bouquet of such a bouquet of peonies will become almost a work of art)

White and cream peonies, such varieties as Duchesse de Nemorus, Gardenia, Maxima Festival, Bowl of Cream, Snow Tower are the most popular in bridal bouquets. But also as a congratulatory bouquet of peonies they are ordered very often. After all, large, airy "balls" of fragrant flowers are literally mesmerizing with their appearance. If you want to please the recipient with an elegant and fragrant bouquet - buy a bouquet of white peonies and believe me, neither you nor the recipient will be disappointed!

Peonies look good in prefabricated bouquets, still remaining the main colors that attract attention. Recently, the most popular bouquets of peonies and peony roses, from peonies and eustomas, designer bouquets of peonies and wildflowers. If you are looking for where to order an unusual bouquet with peonies as a gift - look at our catalog. And if you still haven’t found a suitable option, call us and we will collect for you an individual bouquet with peonies!

If you are not sure which peonies you want to buy or cannot find the necessary bouquet of peonies, call our managers on 8800-3333-713 or write in a chat and they will be happy to help you make your choice and order peonies!

P.S. In order for peonies to please the recipient for a long time with their beauty and aroma, it is necessary to change the water daily to clean and update the cut of the stem. With good care, peonies will give their aroma 10-14 days.

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