About Us

Flower delivery Butterfly-flower was founded in 2012 in St. Petersburg.

   One of the main activities of our store is custom-made flowers. We sell fresh flowers, as well as various gift sets and compositions, coupled with excellent service and an expanded service package. Our goal is to make ordering flowers not only inexpensive, but also convenient, so you can easily find everything you need in our catalog.

   We present an extensive catalog of floral products, which is regularly updated with new products, including VIP bouquets. Many varieties are grown in Russia, as well as brought from Kenya, Colombia, Ecuador and the EU. All products have appropriate certificates of quality and safety. In assortment:

• Roses of various shades and grades.

• Orchids and other exotic and rare species.

• Stylish daisies, lilies of the valley, irises.

• And much more!

   Flowers to order from our florists are incredibly demanded in the store in St. Petersburg. Also for our customers we are ready to make a bouquet according to individual sketches. Plus, we can order from us:

• a bride’s bouquet is inexpensive.

• extravagant, but incredibly stylish bouquets of vegetables and fruits.

• gift baskets and baskets.

   How to order flowers from us

   We have done everything to make ordering bouquets and flower arrangements convenient for you. Orders are accepted on our website, via chat, by e-mail and by phone: 8-800-3333-713 (toll-free in Russia), WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +79219131050, in partner flower shops in Russia. We accept payment in various ways.

   We are ready to fulfill any of your orders, from the delivery of one flower to hundreds and thousands of bouquets. Therefore, among our regular customers, not only private individuals, but also many small, large and very large companies. The client’s desire is the law for us, and we are ready to make everything you want out of fresh flowers for you, and in the shortest possible time.